Labor Day and the end of Summer


“Headed up to San Francisco – for the Labor Day Weekend show” Great lyrics by Buffett1 – and one of my favorite songs.  However, Labor Day is more that hushpuppies and glitter Rock n’ Rock.

The End of Summer is marked every year on the first Monday in September, which is the beginning of the Holiday Season these days.  With Kids already back in school... me2 thinks we have come far from the where, when, and whys of the first Labor Day.

Over 100 years of Labor Days and there is still discussion over who first started this worker holiday; either a Machinist Mathew Maguire or a Carpenter Peter McGuire – but all agree it was in 1880’s the first celebrations of labor began.  President Cleveland moved Labor Day to September in 1887 and the United States established the holiday nationwide on the 1st Monday in September each year.

The celebration has undergone changes from massive gatherings, fireworks, and huge parades to a simple day off, concerts in the park and mainly a day of relaxation, boating and backyard BBQ. We shouldn’t forget the retail sales and home improvement!  Funny how a labor holiday has now turned in to more laboring for some as shoppers flood malls and stores while husbands try to finish the last of their honey do list before fall.  However, this holiday is still a salute to the backbone of America, the workers, the ones that paved the roads, gathered the harvest, those that built the bridges and buildings and more; much more.

ON ANOTHER NOTE: There is always some discussion this time of year about when is it or isn’t fashionable to wear white clothing.  The rules have been relaxed in recent years, yet we should remember that the moratorium on white attire was actually for a very practical reasons.  Wearing white in the summer was a way to stay cool during hot summer months. They wore formal clothing daily, much more formal and warmer than we wear in today for business or any event and without air-conditioning.  Then as the years passed it became a status symbol to wear white.  In the city, workers dressed dark and serious – resort leisure wear was light in weight and color.  The wealthy would leave their post for the 4th of July Holiday to retreat to summer homes remaining there until after Labor Day.  Wearing summer pants and dresses of white linen until the last croquet and badminton game was complete, marking summer over and its wardrobe was packed.

Ms. Coco Chanel was one of the first in fashion to breakout during the 1920’s making white clothing a year-round staple in her closet.  So – 95 years later – I think we can get away with wearing white shoes and pants as Coco paved the way.  (I love Chanel – just so you know!)

I enjoyed researching Time Magazine, Emily Post, .gov, for all the things I didn’t know about Labor Day.  AND I hope you enjoyed learning along with me. 

One finally thought – next to spring, fall is the 2nd best market for home sales and it starts right after Labor Day Weekend.  Some people just don’t want to move in the hot summer months and after all summer is a time for family, home improvement projects and vacations.  September is also a time in which people start to think about year-end tax breaks and then there are those that are ready to get into their new home before the Holidays.  While home demand is not as high as in the spring, it’s still high and that means that competition can be high too with buyers and sellers that tend to be more motivated and less ‘just looking’ showings of the spring.  So if you think this is your time to fall for a new home – give me a call – I’ll get you HOME!

1Come Monday – written by Jimmy Buffett for his wife Jane Buffett while he was on tour in 1973.

2YES – I meant to type ‘me thinks’ and it should be read in an English Accent... but if you know me – you know that is true.