Meag Team or Me?

Real Estate


I attended Sam Houston State University in the late - we’ll that doesn’t matter - but I attended and studied Photography. An interesting fact is few realize that in this modern day of gizmos and gadgets, to this day if you enroll in a photography class that truly teaches; students will be required to use a camera with manual settings.  Over the years I have witnessed folks that have had the ability to purchase the best, the latest and most complex DSRL cameras to start a business shooting professionally on automatic and program settings.  This has led me to my opinion which is to truly know a profession and successfully handle all the aspects of that job - one must know the ALL the skills and do use ALL the task. 

Carrying that method of thinking into my Real Estate training and career,  it’s my promise that as your agent I will be the one to answer the first pehone call, show up at closing and be there for everything in between. 

In today’s world there is a new trend developing within our Real Estate Market, TEAMS. A real estate team is a group of agents and non-agents assembled to complete real estate transactions. They include 3 or more people all handling multiple customers; each responsible for different task during the process of buying or selling.


team 2


When a home owner is interested in listing their home, they will meet with the team lead; the face on the sign/advertising and then maybe just once or twice more during the transaction.

During the remain course the transaction will be handled by different team members depending on the status and state of the transaction. The co-agent that holds the listing of the house you wish to purchase or brings the buyer to your home will also interact in this manner during the process. Meaning that by closing you may have worked with up to 3-6 different departments and many different people with limited 9 AM to 5 PM Monday – Friday access.

This business model is an excellent method to maintain the maximum number of continual transactions all at different stages.  Recalling most dealings over the last 10 years with Teams has not been an issue and the flow is manageable.  However, over the last 12-18 months we have seen the development of these Mega Teams and the workflow show is becoming more the norm – delaying more than a few closings.

I believe there is a better way, if you work with me, I will be your sole contact. While standing behind me is a network of licensed REALTORS, Brokers, escrow agents, inspectors, lenders, marketing leaders and other professional within my network that I will call upon should we need them,

I have often heard there is no ‘I’ in team, normally that is a good thing.  But when it comes to real estate - I have no team I will pass you off to within hours of meeting.  With me you will have me, I will be there from start to finish.  I will be responsible when things do not go as planned, I will be your contact if we need to adjust or modify our course.

team 3If you have a need, you call me. 
If you have a concern I will address it.
You have my full attention and my full effort. 
That network of professionals I mentioned, they are there to support us.
You WILL never wait to find out who you should talk to today or this week – because it will be me. 
My business philosophy and model work flow simply states:

You home is not a transaction to me, it is your home.  You are not a customer, you are my client. It is my wish to form a relationship with you and your family.
I am fully capable to market, manage and communicate efficiency while remaining your single contact for up to date information during our process.

One name, one email and one phone number.

Our relationship-based partnership allows me to better serve you as I personally learn your goals while inspiring me to service your real estate needs with my highest standard.

I promise you and I; working and communicating together –

                                                                                        we are the only real estate team you need.