Stay Cool This Summer



IT IS HOT out there and here is a list of some things to do in order to stay cool and safe in the heat.


1. Run cool water over the inside of your wrists.

2. Drink at least eight eight-ounce glasses of water per day – more if you’re very active.

3. Don’t exercise in the heat of the day – do it before 9 a.m. or after 5 p.m.

4. Set a bowl of ice water in front of a moving fan.

5. Wear loose, light-colored natural-fiber clothing.

6. Soak your feet in a plastic basin of cool (not cold) water.

7. Hang out in your basement – it’s usually at least 10 degrees cooler than upper floors.

8. Wear your hair up or short – most heat escapes from the top of your head.

9. Make your own portable evaporative cooler: wet down a white cotton towel and drape it around your neck.

10. Open windows only in the room you’re in and the one opposite. Position a fan to blow from one window to the other to create a cross-draft.

11. Shower or bathe regularly to keep your pores unclogged and efficiently sweating.

12. Instead of incandescent light bulbs, which give off a lot of heat, use compact fluorescents.

13. Keep blinds down where the sun is shining.


The following signs and symptoms of dehydration - please seek a cool place and help when you first notice any one of these. 

 - dry mouth
 - the eyes stop making tears
 - sweating may stop
 - muscle cramps
 - nausea and vomiting
 - heart palpitations
 - lightheadedness (especially when standing)