A REALTOR® will help you determine the selling price of your property at a level that accurately reflects its value in current market conditions and will not cost you missed




A REALTOR® will have many useful suggestions on ways to improve the marketability of your property, including cosmetic repairs and other items that will create a favorable impression among buyers. Your property will enjoy a wider exposure among buyers when you use a REALTOR®. In addition to using flyers and organizing open house days, a REALTOR®’s extensive contact

list of former clients, newly qualified buyers and other industry professionals can significantly reduce the time your property is on the market. A REALTOR® will also allow you to tap into a highly productive and extensive industry network, such as a Multiple Listing Service or

other industry marketing system. Advertising your property efficiently is another

area where a REALTOR® can play an important role.

A REALTOR®’s experience in deciding on the most appropriate type and frequency of advertising for your property can be invaluable. For example, placing too many ads can create the impression that there may be something wrong with the property or that the seller is desperate.



Security is a major consideration when showing your home. By using a REALTOR®, you can

rest assured that all showings will be pre-screened and supervised.



When negotiating a purchase, most buyers prefer to deal with a middle-person who is objective, unemotional and professional.

Buyers will often feel more comfortable with a REALTOR® than with the owner when they want to raise issues that need resolving before

making an offer.


Monitoring, Renegotiating, Closing or Settling

A REALTOR® will guide you through the minefield of potential problems associated with the appraisal, inspection and financing

process, including the often-complicated escrow instructions. In addition, your agent can meet and instruct any specialists or tradespeople who may be required for repairs


You’ll experience a wide variety of benefits when you hire a real estate professional.

Successfully selling a property is a complicated exercise, and REALTORS® have the experience, resources and contacts to complete your sale quickly and smoothly.


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